ACTS of Kindness

2019 Goal: $100,000

The 100,000 Random ACTS of Kindness campaign is an initiative ran by our non-profit arm from July - December of each year. Funds are raised during this time in an effort to provide acts of kindness in the form of facilities, free educational programs, overseas supplies, food and more for organizations, groups, and families that need it most.


Please click the "Sponsorship Letter" button to read our goals for 2019's campaign. It is our hope that you will partner with us as we meet the needs of our local and global community.

2018 Accomplishments

With your generous donations we have been able to rent a facility for COA Nigeria to host worship services and classes

Dedicate to feeding 50+ families 

We have also been able to assist Perez Charity Foundation in Ghana dig a well for Accra, Ghana

Assist Georgia Small-Businesses with

Start-up Capital

2019 Goals

One of our goals in 2019 is to purchase a building near Southlake Mall (Morrow, GA) to provide office space and building usage to local businesses and community.


(Please click button to see floor plan)

We want to continue to feed families locally and globally. No family should be hungry.

One of our goals is to purchase a building in Abuja, Nigeria for COA Nigeria to provide office space and building usage for a food and clothing pantry.

We desire to continue to award funds to local start-up businesses that qualify. This is an effort to support businesses and non-profits that are beneficial to our community, thus making where we live a stronger and more efficient place to live in.